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Join us at a live in-person workshop to learn about some of the options for “Seniors in Their Housing Journey”:

  • Is their home protected from Health Care liens if someone has to go to a nursing home?
  • What are some of the options if they want to age in place in their current home?
  • What is the cost of living in an Independent Living Facility?
  • How do you decide what to take if you move to a smaller home?

NOTE: If you are a homeowner and want to receive the book for free, contact us about attending our workshop and we can get you an eBook to preview for now and a signed copy of a Hard Copy Book at the workshop.

Workshop Information

949 S Shady Grove Road, Memphis TN 38120 – (Held in the Pinnacle Financial Partners Training Room – follow the signs or check in with any bank teller)

1355 Estate Drive, Memphis TN 38119 (Held at the McWherter Senior Center – Check in at the front desk for room number)

Dates & Locations
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You can call, text, or email our office at your convenience anytime. If you want to meet in person, we’ll be glad to schedule a time and place that works for you.

We are available to present our seminar to your unique group. Please call us to schedule a seminar.

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Receive both books FREE!

More information on our Workshop can be found here!

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In last one year, I made use of services of Sherry Harbur for sale of two of my rental properties in Memphis. I am extremely happy with the way both transactions were carried out, from listing to closing. She was prompt with sharing property comps and any other information I requested. She took care of all co-ordination and worked closely with my property manager in getting the repair done.

On the offers that came, she used to share her thoughts and allowed me to make an informed decision.
She has a great team in place and I was able to sell both the properties while being away from the country.
Many thanks to her for making the sale and closing process quite convenient and smooth.

Avanish Kant

Great experience with Harbur Realty. Had four Memphis properties to sell and was able to do so quickly and she did a great job with the whole process. Would highly recommend!

Scott Gulinson

My favorite realtor in the whole of the USA! Sherry is always quick to respond, very knowledgeable about things real estate and investing, trustworthy and nice to deal with.

Chris Schaefer

Was so nice and always on time… For any appointment we ever had. Great to rent from!!

Kristin Brenner

Honest and Reliable! Definitely would recommend!

Jeannette Vivancos Rodriguez

Most experienced realtor I’ve come across and a real compassion for her clients.

Mathew Fields

We had three opportunities to engage this incredible lady, Sherry Harbur of Harbur Realty displaying high values, responsiveness and conscientiousness. She is quite easy to go along like a friend, but yet her work is highly professional. In last project where our house was on sale and we inadvertently signed out some papers promising to give 5000 towards closing. At the closing we had to give that 5000 towards closing but Sherry returned that money to us by cutting her own profit from the deal just because it was verbally committed. She stood on her words against what was written on signed legal papers, but buyer did not spare that mistake. I don’t even think of going elsewhere for any such projects.

Farrukh Gill

Sherry was the realtor responsible for the sale of our home. She did so many special things to make our older, more dated home look so appealing, from personally painting our shutters when they didn’t show up in the photos, to staging several rooms, to setting up the virtual tour photos. She put little signs around with cute sayings about how we used the features, and shared other possibilities. She was right on top of contracts and she communicated continually to keep us informed of every detail. She was amazing! I definitely recommend Sherry if you are considering selling or buying your home.

Jana Cardona

Sherry was there through all phases of our home sales. She was there with the inspections, and final walk thru with new buyers. Great person to work with and will always find the positives on all view points.

Sylvester Brown

Wonderful experience. This is the 3rd transaction we have had with her. Always professional, honest, and working in the best interests of her clients. Hope to work with her again soon.

Naveed Gill
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