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This book is for YOU; if you are a Senior homeowner or have a Senior family member. This book will help you and your family if you are in the planning stages for Senior Housing; if you are overwhelmed in trying to select a Senior Housing option, or if you are currently going through a health crisis and need urgent help navigating through it.

Sherry is passionate about the Mature Adult Housing sector after witnessing investors underpaying clients who needed to sell quickly. Sherry helps with all phases of the relocation, whether local or out of town, or modifying a house to fit current needs.

She coordinates beautifully with the client and their family to make these transitions as stress-free as possible for all while keeping hard-earned home equity in the hands of the homeowner or family to preserve their legacy.

Our ebook lives on a server so you can read it online. If you want a FREE copy of the book, please attend one of our seminars!  We want you to read it and enjoy it!

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